View Full Version : Setup.exe much larger after upgrade

11-01-2005, 02:44 PM
We purchased the upgrade to Express 11 the other day (since 3.5 won't be supported anymore). Our Setup.exe (WebDeployment) was 660K when built under 3.53, but after converting to 11 it's now 1.6 MB. Way too much bigger.

Anyone have any idea why or how to fix this?

There's been some other similar reports on this and 3.5 Express forums, some resolved and some not.

No MSI engines are included, they're set to be downloaded from the web.
It is not the case that .exes are being brought in for icons.
It doesn't seem that bitmaps are imported twice.

I used the "/b" switch to write the .msi files out.
The 3.53 setup wrote a 1MB .msi file and a 350K Data.cab file
The 11 setup wrote a 1.38M .msi file
That seems to add up to about the same?

Exporting both .msi files with msidb.exe creates a set of files that in both cases add up to about the same, 1.03M and 1.06M. Nothing looks significantly different in size.

I'd rather not use the Compact Project, because it lacks several things we had in 3.53