View Full Version : editing the summary information stream

Pat Rice
10-31-2005, 05:43 PM
1. Create a new project, go to Installation Designer -> General Information -> Summary Information Stream.

2. Click on, e.g., Title, enter some text.

3. InstallShield creates a new string table entry with a meaningless name (ID_STRING1).

4. Click on String Table, click on ID_STRING1, enter a more sensible name (SIS_TITLE).

5. The Title field changes to ##ID_STRING1##, because InstallShield, having just been told to rename ID_STRING1 to SIS_TITLE, can't figure out what happened to ID_STRING1, and panics.

6. Right-click on the new SIS_TITLE string table entry, then click on Select. The Comments field changes to SIS_TITLE. The Title field remains ##ID_STRING1##.

I suppose I'll have to create all the string table entries first, then attach them to the Summary Information Stream fields, to avoid this rather silly behavior....