View Full Version : COM+ configurable Merge Module

10-26-2005, 09:34 AM

I tried to wrap a com+ server application into a merge module that I want to include into a large application. Because I need to setup the com+ to run as an admin user (should pass user and password to merge module) I made a configurable merge module.

Firest tried to pass these values as keys (In module configuration table Format = 2). Result: failed to set the user and password for Com+. Then tried to pass these values as a substituting text. The same issue.

Last try was to reproduce the example from "Learning MSI Projects using InstallShield 11" (pg. 165-168) and trying to write these values to registry. It seams that the properties from main installer are not evaluated when they are passed to merge module.

Is this a known issue in IS 11? Should I try again and again? Com+ can't be wraped into a configurable merge module?


11-01-2005, 04:17 AM
Has someone tried to pass a user and a password from main installer to a com+ application wrapped on a merge module? I have to install several com+ applications and I want to include them into merge modules.

Can someone sugest me a way? So far I can set these parameters for COM+ using a VB dll before installation finished. But I want to avoid these dlls solutions.