View Full Version : I can't make more than 15 patches!?!?

Brad Peterson
10-07-2005, 12:28 PM
Wow, I wish one of the several technicians I talked to on the phone would have told me this *before* I bought Installshield Express. I explained to all of them that I would definitely need to do more than 15 patches. They all said it would work.

I just tried making the 16th patch of a file today. When I ran it, it failed with the internal error 2701 code. The knowledge base article explains it here:


The key phrases are these: therefore, a QuickPatch project cannot be used to cumulatively patch a MSI file more than 15 times...There is no workaround when using InstallShield Express.

Is there any workaround besides having our customers download a full new installation package with a new product code?