View Full Version : Installation under Win NT Server.

09-15-2005, 03:17 PM
Hi everyone...

I'm new around here.
Couple weeks ago, our company upgraded all of our VFP7 systems into VFP9.
For the Runtime installation, we trying using InstallShield Express 5 (SP2).
But we're facing some dificulties.

Some of them:

* Under Win NT Server machines, the module is requiring SP6a installated.
We're from Brazil, and MS does not released that SP6a in Portuguese-Brazil.
Is there any way to grant access for the IS ot continue to install ?

* In IS Project, we blocked some kind of Windows Systems, such as : Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT.
In this case, Windows 98SE-Windows 2000-WindowsXP-Windows 2003 are free to go.
But some of our customers presents a curious situation.
Even the user is running a Windows 98SE (for example), the IS claim that it only runs under Windows 98SE-Windows 2000-WindowsXP-Windows 2003 !!!

* Other stuff: The user can continue with the installation. When the IS starts to check the free disc space necessary, rises a message like that:
"Drive J is invalid" or something like that. But the costumer doesn't have that drive even on network. As we don't have either - by the time we build the Installation.

Does anyone have some tip or hint about ANY of these situations ?

Thank of any help.

Best regards.

Paulo Pechula