View Full Version : HPC installs to wrong folder on device

09-12-2005, 09:43 AM
I created an installer that installs to an HPC (Handheld PC 2000) with a StrongARM processor. Several files get installed to the \Windows folder on the device and this part of the installer works fine. The problem is with the executable file that it set to get installed at \Program Files\[companyname]\[appname]. The executable is getting installed to the \Program Files folder instead which is incorrect.

The problem seems to be just with HPC devices. I have other installers doing the same thing for PocketPC devices and it works just fine.

I've used other installer programs (Not InstallShileld) to install to HPC devices and it worked just fine. So the problem seems to be between InstallShield and the HPC device.

Any ideas anyone?