View Full Version : Automatic Uninstall w/prompt of same version

09-08-2005, 03:38 PM
I must say the InstallShield X and up is overwhelming after using InstallShield Pro 8,7,6 etc for years.

Anyway after failing to get an InstallScript based InstallShield 10.5 to install a service with properties (like AutoStart) and getting no help in the 10.5 Forums I have moved to a "InstallScript MSI" install. I got past the service property issues and now want a feature that I get by default with an InstallScript based install.

That is, when I (or a user) tries to install the same version that the previous version be automatically Uninstalled (with a Prompt to proceed). This default behavior out of the wizard has been a great feature and has saved us numerous times.

So assuming I picked the right forum (I'm not sure if InstallScript MSI is a "Windows Installer or IntallsScript" forum question. I assume it's more if a "Windows Installer" based install.

Thanks for any help.

01-19-2006, 04:11 PM
Check the Media Upgrades pane. If you want the uninstall before reinstall, select major upgrade. You will have to change the product code to trigger a major upgrade. You can also get the minor upgrades to work, ONLY if the version of the files are updated. If they are not, they are not replaced. Minor upgrades also do not run you through the usual UI route, it is more like a "Repair" scenario.

Yes, I miss the old IS Pro mode too. I figured you were lonely. :p