View Full Version : Vbscript automation and iscmdbld.exe.

Daniel K
09-07-2005, 06:00 AM
Hi, I've not used Vbscript before and I can't work out how to do something, so I'm hoping somebody with a great deal more knowledge than me can help!

I'm automating my build process using a vbscript; it changes the ism version number and updates some reg file that merge with the project. It also runs the Iscmdbld.exe to build the project.

I've got it all working, but I can't get IsCmdBld.exe to display it's output in the command window (a blank dos box is displayed at the moment and the best I can do is retrieve the output once the file is built)

The relevant code looks like this:

set objShell = Wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
set objScriptExec = objShell.Exec( """%path to iscmdbld%"" -p %path to ism% -r ""Release 1""" )
Set objShell = Nothing

I can get the information using StdOut.ReadAll, but what I actually want to do is display the information in the console window in real time (as if I'd run IsCmdBld.exe from the command line). Hope that makes sense?

Is this even possible? If so how?