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Carlos Crespo
09-07-2005, 03:21 AM
Last Wednesday i bought my IS Exp.11 upgrade from InstallShield (by phone). The salesperson assures me that if i put my order, i´ll get up and running in 1 hr.
In fact, one or two hours later i got an email with my SN and a link to download the 70 MBs setup file.

What they didn´t say is that i can only try to download the product for 5 times, before they refuse to try again.
Murphy´s Law 101: What can be wrong will be wrong - and for 4 times i cannot even download, and at the fifth the download crashes at around 60 MBs....

In the same day i go to the web site and post this question on the support form.
On Friday, no answer, i send an email to registration@installshield.com, and until today no answer also.

To begin with i think that restricting the number of downloads for a product that is protected by a serial number and internet activation is over-kill;
and second i can be only unhappy for the care that Macrovision has for it´s customers - be sure that for us it´s time to go shopping elsewhere.

So, if you decide to buy this product, be sure that you can download it at the first, or else you can lose your money.

A (very unhappy) customer,
Carlos Crespo

Carlos Crespo
09-07-2005, 06:21 AM
Just an update: less than 1 hour after my post, i received an email from a Macrovision Sales Product Consultant telling that the download counter was reset.
This solved my problem, and this time i was able to download (uff!) the 77 MB setup file.

Carlos Crespo