View Full Version : How to install help files .hlp .cnt

09-07-2005, 12:25 AM
I am new to Express 11 comming from version 2.13. (big jump:)
I have a VB 6 application and all installs well however the help files are not getting registered? If a user presses F1 (from application) then a message tells them the help is not found. I have included the .hlp .cnt .gid .fts files in the Must Install folder with the application .exe
If I try to self-register the .hlp file then setup causes an error 1904(?).
How should I be setting up the Help files so they will properly install???
I have been reading about windows installer components and InstallShield Features and they seems related but I can not find any specifics related to installing help files or registration settings, needs, concepts...
Could anyone please help?

Thank you,