View Full Version : Splash Screen and Alpha

09-04-2005, 04:24 AM
Our application has a splash screen on startup, which is an uncompressed 32 bit bitmap. I name the file Setup.bmp and place it in the Splash screen resources, I build and run the installer,

... and no splashscreen

I finally think to try a bitmap without an alpha channel (24 bit bitmap) and behold, it works.

I am really starting to find the documentation for this program lacking.

I don't suppose I am going to be able to use transparency in my splash screen then, to match our application on startup? Is the splash dialog editable in some fashion to permit this?

10-10-2005, 01:01 PM
I have the same problem even with a 24-bit file. I'm building a basic msi script and have added setup.bmp to Support Files / Splash Screen / Language Independent. The file doesn't display no matter what I try; however, the same file displays just fine when used with an InstallScript MSI project. Any suggestions?