View Full Version : Very wierd problem

Daniel K
08-25-2005, 05:31 AM
Hi I have a script based install that installs/runs services and also needs to connect to an SQL server. I have the following problem

Install the product and specify a remote SQL server
Uninstall the product
Reinstall the product and specify a remote SQL server

When the install completes on the reinstall - the UI minimises before launching the Finish dialog and the installation freezes. It will only display the finish dialog when I do the following:

-Go into task manager, go to processes
-End both my services that are running
-End the 2nd instance of setup.exe (the one that takes up far less memory) - why is setup.exe running twice, for one instance of the application - is this normal? I've verified the behaviour on several different machines and am most assuredly not just running it twice by accident.

I also ran the setup using the debugger, if I do this, the install minimises itself when it calls SQLRTGetBatchMode() just before OnFirstUIAfter(), but completes normally. The fact that it normally freezes at the point it minimises and that something is definately preventing the OnFirstUIAfter code from executing suggests that SQLRTGetBatchMode is at fault

It would appear that for some reason SQLRTGetBatchMode() is freezing the install before it executes the code in OnFirstUIAfter() and for some reason this only occurs when not debugging the setup.

Does anyone have more of a clue than I do on this? :confused:

Any educated guesses gratefully received.