View Full Version : Strange IS behaviour after the reboot

08-19-2005, 03:33 AM
I'm using IS Premier edition with all the latest patches (aka hotfix4) and I'm building an Installscript MSI project.

When I try to install my product on a freshly ghosted PC (without the .Net Framework installed), I'm getting a really strange behaviour from IS. Everytime I reboot after the .NET Framework installation part, I'm getting the attached file window.

I've been using IS since 5.5 and it's the first time I'm getting this kind of error message. The installation process just stop after this message and I have to relaunch my Setup.exe in order to have my first IS installation dialog to appear.

The fun part is that the error message depends on my .NET Framework deployment method.
If I use the Copy from Source media --> I have the error.jpg message.
If I use the Extract from Setup.exe --> I have the error2.jpg message.

Any help would be appreciated in this matter since I can't release a product with those issues. :)

08-19-2005, 11:22 AM
I would check your dotnet related files, especially the ones in [INSTALLDIR]redist\0409\i386. The dotnetfx.exe should be smaller than half a meg; the 1033dotnetfx.exe (if you use it) should be just over 20 megs. Similarly the redist\040C\i386\1036dotnetfx.exe if you use it should be just over 20 megs.

If the first dotnetfx.exe is over 1 meg (especially if it's about 20megs), delete it and repair the installation of InstallShield to get our wrapper back. If the others are too small (or way too large), delete them and run the redistributable downloader to fetch them.

Hmm you say this is after the reboot... I'm less sure the above will be helpful, but it's still worth checking on.