View Full Version : Minor Upgrade Problem

08-16-2005, 11:47 AM
I was having problems getting a Minor upgrade to update any files. For example I would update the Binaries on the build machine and then recompile my InstallShield Project with a new Package Code and Version number but although some screens were displayed when running the update, no files were actually updated.

I eventually worked out that htis was because I was referencing some dynamic directories and the component codes had changed.I managed to fix this by entering the previous version in the Patch Optimization field of the Build Wizard.

However, this may work fine at the moment when I am testing installs and only releaseing a few version but when we go live we may be issuing new versions of the product very frequently and cannot gurantee what previous version of the product a Customer is upgrading from. As I can only enter one msi file in the patch optimization box what happens if a Customer tries to upgrade from an older version the has been entered in the patch optimization. Is there any way round this or do I have to stop using Dynamic file links


08-17-2005, 11:14 AM
For simple cases, if A to B doesn't break any component code rules, and B to C doesn't break component code rules, then A to C should be fine. For complex enough cases you're probably out of luck just going B to C.

I'd recommend pointing the previous version at the most recent previous version at all times. Periodically you'll probably want to do a major upgrade anyway which will let you reset your concerns and cut down the quadratic growth of potential test scenarios.