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08-11-2005, 06:27 PM
I was building an MSI Install, and I invoked the VB6 Wizard because I wanted to add the program module to a Feature. After the wizard ran, it added a Scanned Project 1 Feature to the list rather than a component to the Feature I had selected. I may have several executables or DLLs in a feature. These things are components of a feature, not a feature. Is there any way to make this wizard produce just the components where I want them and not as a new feature?

Next, I figured I could transfer all the stuff from the scanned feature to the one where I wanted to have them. I did this from the Installation Designer tab by selecting the Organization / Setup Design entry from the tree. I could drage and drop the individual components, but could not select the whole group and move them. But furthermore, I could not drag and drop the redistributables. They were stuck in the scanned project.

Next I tried the Application Data / Redistributables entry from the tree. Here I highlighted each checked entry, and when the feature tree enabled, I checked the box in front of the feature I wanted it to be associated with, and unchecked the scanned project feature. I returned to the Organization / Setup Design tree entry, and none of the redistributables was relocated to the feature I selected. I went back and double checked, but the information was as I wanted it there. So the two views were in conflict. Which one am I supposed to believe? Or am I interpreting the information incorrectly?