View Full Version : Stange behavior while copying files to target

08-05-2005, 04:43 AM
Hi all,

having a strange problem but cant find a solution. maybe someone has an idea.

I created a second Folder beside INSTALLDIR to place a further application on the target machine. This Folder has some subfolders.One of them contains six files - 5 exe, 1 txt. The other folders are empty - being filled while the application is installed. The 5 exe files are "dummies" (to create sortcuts from) - later on replaced by the real files. This is necessary because of different langunage support. So I only have to change the corresponding Folder at the source media to serve a different lang. so far every thing is fine.

during the installation, the folder [APP]subdir\(files) are being created at the source drive (currently installation runs for hard drive). WHY!!! The other (empty) Folders are created as desired at drive D:\APP\(other folders) - choosen during intallation.

Store the given path usig msisetproperty(ISMSI_HANDLE, "APP", svInstallDir);
svInstallDir is served by an AskDestPath.

Destination of the Componets is {BIN}[APP]BIN
WorkingDir of the Shortcuts is {BIN}[APP]BIN

All components a built in the same way - checked Strings for several times - seem correct!

Does anyone has an idea ??

regards Thomas