View Full Version : What kind of file .EXE ?

08-04-2005, 08:44 AM
Dear Sir,
when I try to wrappen your trialware file in my executable file, the package of installshield will be make. After installation of package on my computer (Windows XP) is possible to connect with Activation Service, but I see my file *.EXE is corrupted and the programm do NOT run.
InstallShield is not compatible with file executables from:
Flash Macrovision,
Autorun Wizard,
and others executables files for start.
Have you a sample file .EXE compatible with your Trialware file and his wrappen ?
What is the sample code to start a program compatible with wrappen trialware?
All my tries do not run after injection of file trialware, when without trialware file all run perfectly. Why?
My Best Regards who wants help me. Thanks.