View Full Version : Newbie very basic questions

08-01-2005, 04:19 PM
I wanted to use Installshield to perform some configuation functions for users of a Lotus Notes application that links to Brio for display and manipulation of data. There are only three tasks I want to perform:

1. Create a C:\CstRpts directory

2. Define that directory as a TXT/CSV ODBC database named CUSTRPTS

3. Copy a Custrpts.oce file into a Brio directory (C:\Program Files\Brio\BRIO Query\Program\Open Catalog Extensions)

I don't have any program functions or files I'm trying to install. I don't have license issues. I don't need any user registration. I just want to give users a simple exe to perform these functions to make it easier to set up with less potential for errors than when doing this manually. It appeared that Installshield could do that very easily compared to all the other options it can control, but I feel lost in all the options.

Its like wanting to know what time it is without studying metaphysics, philosophy, astronomy, and engineering to build a clock. Once I find out the time I don't believe I'll be needing to build another clock in the future. Is there an easy approach to learning what I need to use to perform this task? Which product? Which options?

I'd appreciate any direction any of you skilled users are able to spare, because I feel completely lost at this point. :confused: