View Full Version : Upgrade Scenario - Unsure how to proceed..

07-31-2005, 09:52 PM

I was hoping someone could comment on the best approach to perform an upgrade for the following scenario.

I have a Basic MSI Project which performs a number of tasks:
1) Executes some sql scripts
2) Create a IIS 6 web site (user can define site name via text box)
3) Installs some dll's
4) Create INI based on user input via text boxes.

The only thing that changes in the project as part of the upgrade is a new version of our custom dll's are installed. So my first question is do I just delete the dll's from the components section of the project add add the new ones? Not sure what the proper approach is?

My main problem is trying to understand the process of performing an upgrade and whether it needs to be a Minor or Major upgrade, I've read the help but still not completely sure. What I need to happen when doing an upgrade is to have to the User Interface show up again with all the dialogs and not just to prompt that a new version is to be installed. The reason for this is because I need all the text boxes re-populated with the info that was typed in during the first install and any subsequent upgrade. For example, I need to re-populate my custom dialog with the INI details from the first install. So a admin user does a install, he then runs and upgrade which gives him all the info from the previous install, runs the install and overwrites with any new changes he's made.

Can anyone please help me with the best way to approach this style of upgrade?

Thanks, Rick