View Full Version : Where are my files?

07-29-2005, 02:42 PM
If you create an install to be a single executable (so that the bootstrapper, the msi, and all files are all compressed into a single EXE) - what is the order of events as to how and when those files get put onto disk during the initialization events?

For example...
You launch the EXE and it creates a Temp directory named??? (I see one named _isC ?)and it extracts the .MSI and some INI files into that dir. Don't know what dir this is.

It also extracts any Support Files and puts them into a different Temp dir under the product GUID. This is SUPPORTDIR.

I assume that because I'm using a single EXE that my installable files are compressed into a .cab? Is that right? If so, when and where does the .cab get extracted or made visible on the machine? Or do the files get streamed into the Binary dir, or what? What happens to them?

08-10-2005, 05:02 PM
The temp directory - I found it by using the TempFolder and ProductCode properties in a vbs custom action, i.e:

sSourceDir = Session.Property("TempFolder")
sProductCode = Session.Property("ProductCode")
sCmd = "msiexec.exe /i " & """" & sSourceDir & sProductCode & ......

This custom action is launching an installation for a redistributable, which I placed in the install project using the Support Files\English view in the Installshield IDE.