View Full Version : Scripting to install on multiple workstations.

07-27-2005, 11:37 AM
We have a client that is mandated to use scripting to install our product and any software moving forward. The client has over 250 installations of our product all over the world, who are all doctors and non-technical. They will not do the installs so 'scripting' is the only way now they are allowed to install.

The client wants a way to Auto Distribute. Is there any way to make this happen??? We have Install shield 7.01, but the program that needs distribution has used InstallShield 5.5. Is it possible from any version much less, version 5.5.

In the client's words, "If in our install package we wrap an MIS then they should be able to do a setup/a to break out the install code. If we still use VB6 and the guidelines for MIS to auto distribute. "

This is new to me... can anyone guide me to what I need to do with INSTALL SHIELD?