View Full Version : Language filtering based on dialog picklist, not Windows default SystemLanguageID?

07-27-2005, 09:30 AM
regarding Installshield 11; I'm building the installer for our game and I ran into a bump that I was hoping you could help me figure out regarding Installscript's event handler OnFilterComponents() and conditional file filter method FeatureFilterLanduage(..,..,..).

By specification our installer prompts the user on run to select a language for both the install process and language version of our product. This language that the user selects may be different than that defined by the SystemLanguageID. An example being that a user may have English set as default in Windows and choose to install the program using German language settings, etc. My question relates to the implementation OnFilterComponents event handler when the user's chosen language is different than the language set as default under Windows.

How do I go about filtering using OnFilterComponents() based on the language picked via dialog (and not the languageID assigned via Windows?)?


07-27-2005, 10:03 AM

Why you are work so hard.

Define some Setup Types

1. English_Game
2. German_Game

Assign some components to the Setuptypes
1. For_All_Languages //for all Setuptypes
2. For_English_Only //only for english SetupTypes
3. For_German_Only //only for german SetupTypes

Helpful is to have also defined Features!
Same names as in Components.

Select by InstallScript the correct SetupType after selection by the customer and install.
Here you need a small switch case

case ISLANG_ENGLISH : //select Setuptype English_Game;
case ISLANG_GERMAN : //select Setuptype German_Game; endswitch;
case 1 : //select Setuptype English_Game;
case 2 : //select Setuptype German_Game;

What you want.

This will work properly. Hope this helps you a lot!

regards BugKiller