View Full Version : Is there a feature equivalent to SetupCapture in Wise?

07-22-2005, 02:41 PM
I am trying to find out if Installshield allows an automated way of generating .msi files by simply recording actions as recording a macro would.

More specifically, I would like to be able to activate some kind of system monitor, then go about creating directories, inserting files, and possibly running command-line executables that change the Windows registry. Then, I'd like to stop grab another system image and have a .msi generated automatically based on the difference between the two images.

I know Wise has such a feature and would like to know if this capability is built into Installshield at this point. The reason for pursuing this approach is that the installations I generate will involve running several .exe files that link various DLLs (also in my desired installation) with another software package by updating the registry. If I simply add a couple of lines to an msi script, the installation will not be aware of the related changes to the registry and will lead to a removal that is not clean (because the .msi will not recognize all of the registry changes that were made during installation).

Thanks in advance,

07-22-2005, 03:32 PM
The Repackager tool in AdminStudio (http://www.installshield.com/products/adminstudio/) will do this.