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07-21-2005, 01:39 PM
Here's my situation:

We have several products that share a common folder in Program Files.

The person before me(in my opinion) did not apply best practices. I feel they should have had their own folders within the main company folder for each program.

What we now have is each programs executable in the main directory. I plan to change this in the new versions coming out, but for updates sake, I can't change this situation with the current family of software.

Now what's happening, and it's only happened a couple times (not 100% reproducable), is that on uninstalling my build, it removes the other programs executable file.

The component that uses the <TARGETDIR> as it's folder is not set to shared and is set to uninstall. I do need the files added to this folder(by my install) deleted on uninstall, but not the other programs files. I would assume InstallShield should not touch the other programs files, only the ones it added on my install, right?

I suppose for now, I'm guessing my best bet is to get a list of files the other programs install to that shared folder and put some protection on them in my build at the beginning to be certain they aren't touched. I don't see anything in help that would let me do that.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this is occuring(bug, bad scripting or otherwise), and/or a best way to add a 100% chance it could never happen during my uninstall? It simply cannot be allowed to occur under any circumstances.



03-10-2008, 10:42 PM
Two questions:

Was IS 2008 used to build the install package?
Was the project originally converted from an older version of IS using the IS 2008 conversion wizard?

I am having this same issue with IS 2008. I've never seen it happen before upgrading to IS 2008 from IS 10.5 But since this problem is intermittent (at best) to the point that I cannot reproduce it on any of my Dev machines and when it happens on a customer's site it only happens once, it is nigh impossible to pinpoint.

Any comments appreciated. Thanks.