View Full Version : Windows CE Active Sync Installer Question

07-20-2005, 08:11 AM

First, I have never been nor even played someone on tv that has done a mobile install so this question is out of ignorance and necessity.

Okay. I work for a contractor that has a project for a client which uses handheld scanners. This client is very tech unfriendly and has security protocols that practically make our desktop solutions unusable but anyway...

Now, my understanding is that in order to install a program on a mobile device, Active Sync writes uninstall info to the desktop registry. Since the client has it is locked, the install fails and it's a no-go. Telling the client to just open the registry may not be viable. We're obviously persuing that but we need other possibilities.

So...are there possibilities? Is there a way to install an app on a CE device and NOT touch the desktop registry? It seems this is a function of Active Sync itself (I think the app monitoring it all is CEAppmgr).

Any insight, links or help would be most welcome. BTW - we are currently in the process of upgrading to IS11Pro from IS7. So I am also unfamiliar with the newer version at the moment.