View Full Version : Better way to upgrade

07-15-2005, 10:48 AM
I've been maintaining a specific InstallScript project for years, continually adding and deleting components and features, changing target locations for files, etc. At each upgrade, I have to carefully consider how any existing install might be affected by the upgrade.

It would be much cleaner if I could just automatically uninstall any existing install and then (without reboot) run the upgrade as a fresh install. I imagine many others have the same issue. Do people do this with InstallScript projects? How? Do they change the Product GUID each upgrade and maintain a list of all past GUIDs that can be checked? Do they have a separate "launcher" as suggested by DevinEllison 3/24/05, which uninstalls the previous version and when complete, installs the new? If locked files are marked for removal (after reboot) by the uninstall, then marked for update by the new install, is the file properly updated after reboot?

Although InstallScript MSI project specifications indicate it should be able to do the uninstall\install as a major upgrade, I have seen postings indicating problems with this approach - and it does require learning the MSI model. I would hate to convert projects to MSI only to find I am no better off.

Thanks in advance,
Mike Sacarny