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06-23-1997, 12:00 AM
What I thought would be a simple project is really ending up to be a
nightmare! (vent). What I need to do is to be able to create
workstation setups of a server based installation. I'm using Delphi 1.0
(i know, ughhh) with Express 2.01. Here's what I envision:

Network administrator chooses a network drive to install the software to
using the destination directory in Express 2. Then, there's a separate
disk to setup the network clients. The setup involves copying some
files to local harddrive, setting BDE settings in INI files, and setting
ODBC settings in INI files. What makes this difficult is that there is
no way to specify where the BDE resides on the network server. It seems
to want to install it to the user's local hard drive, which depending on
other applications they might be running could mess things up.

Any assistance in this would be great. I did try tech support, and
after 45 minutes of holding and another 30 minutes on and off hold with
a support representative, am farther off from the solution than I've
started (it seemed the rep no absoluting nothing about the product
(sorry, another venting).