View Full Version : more than one INSTALLDIR ???

07-12-2005, 02:56 AM
Hi all,

I am working with InstallShield 11 Pro on an Installscript MSI Project.

I have to include the gupta database edp (embedded deployment Pack) into a application's setup (that uses that database engine). Both apps (db and application) need separated directories at the target mashine.

How can i tell Installshield to place db files in D:\Gupta\SQLbase and application files to D:\application directory. I do only have one [INSTALLDIR] folder to drag and drop files to (Insallation Designer -> Application Data -Files and Folders).

Hope you get the point of my question

any advice is welcome (being not that experienced with installshield, so it would be very nice to resond pretty detailed ... )

thanks in advance