View Full Version : Shared components and reference counting

07-08-2005, 12:20 PM
I am creating SETUP for an application where a number of common utilties are shared by more than one application. Hence I created a merge module for the common stuff and set default fodler for the merge module to [COMMONFILES]Vendorname. I have set 'shared' to Yes and Permanent to No on all of the components in merge module.

Q1: For reference counting to work right, do we have to place the shared files in above folder? Or can we get away by setting default folder in msm to INSTALLDIR or TARGETDIR? If latter, then I guess we will need to ensure that we install all our applications to the same folder which could be challenging especially if two different developers author SETUP projects for two different applications.

Q2: Another interesting question is about the shared MS files such as ATL71...and other MSMs like MFC71 etc. Since our own merge module has dependencies on these Microsoft MSMs as well as the applications that use our merge modules also have similar dependenices on ATL71 etc. The problem is I noticed, the MS files like ATL are being installed in the INSTALLDIR, not to the shared COMMONFILES folder. Shouldn't these go to SYSTEMFOLDER instead as our applications are legacy (not .NET) applications?

Should we be forcing the MS merge modules to install in SYSTEMFOLDER?