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07-05-2005, 11:10 AM
Hi all,

We are doing an Installscript MSI project using Installshield 11.
When we make a patch for a Installscript MSI project using Patch Design View in the Installshield11 and tried to apply it on the Base package, its showing an error like :
This installation cannot be run by directly launching the MSI package. You must run setup.exe
Actually we installed the Base package using the setup.exe only. But when I tried to run Update.exe, its showing this error.
But this error I was not getting when I made patches in Installshield10.1.
We then included the Installscript Engine 11 from the Redistributables section and tried to install the patch using the silent mode.
That time its applying the patch, but its not making any entry there in the
Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs.

Actually we are checking the "Allow this patch to be uninstalled" option from the Uninstall tab in Patch Design View, then included the Windows Installer 3.1 and also tried to install in WinXP+SP2 machine. So ideally this has to show that entry in the Add/Remove Programs section.

Can anyone confirm whether its a bug in Installshield 11 or suggest some method to avoid this issue ??

Thanks in advance,


07-05-2005, 02:18 PM

I have the exact same situation. I just upgraded from Dev 8 to InstallShield 11 Premier and cannot apply a patch anymore. Never had this problem in Dev. 8. My project is a converted Dev. 8 InstallScript MSI project. Including the InstallScript engine 11 had no effect on the problem in my case. I originally ran it silently but it hung waiting for the user response to that &^%$ error message box.

I simply can't believe that this is the default behavior. I've seen many other references to this error in the forums but no real clear answer or work-around.

How hard is it to anticipate that folks would want to upgrade InstallShield itself and still be able to apply patches silently to production systems built using previous versions! The only reason we upgraded is for better patch performance and patch uninstall capability... right..

Anyway ranting done..

I also found that updating the support info that is supposed to go in add/remove programs wasn't actually being reflected in control panel when run the patch was run in silent mode. I had to explcitly put in MsiSetProperty() calls in script to get that to work! That may help you. If I find a solution to the main problem I will update this post.

Mike H.

07-05-2005, 04:17 PM
I was able to (lamely I admit) work-around the "You must run setup.exe" error by changing the "Windows Installer Location" PPages setting in release wizard from "extract engine from setup.exe" to "copy from source media". I also have to include the file ISScript11.msi file in the folder update.exe is run from.

I am leaving all files uncompressed and separate from the installaiton packages to work-around other older bugs in Dev. v7 & 8. related to patching, etc.

I have seen the article relating to transforms (Q108166) and may try that as a better solution but at least I can go forward now with evaluating InstallShield 11. Usually a new release of InstallShield takes a week or so to shake out and rebuild my projects satisfactorily to the point where we can use it for production projects.


07-06-2005, 04:32 AM
Hi Mike,

Thanks a lot for ur replies.
I tried what you suggested as the workaround for "You must run setup.exe" error and its working fine for us. Now the only thing remaining is the Patch entry not displaying in Add/Remove Programs. Ideally,without using any scripts it has to display there, rite ??
Can you please tell me which property we need to Set for displaying it in the Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs ??
Hope to hear from u soon ..

Thanks in advance,


07-06-2005, 10:18 AM

All one should have to set in a patch (or a full install kit for that matter) for the "support' (and other) options in Add/remove programs are the desired values in the "Installation Information" section of the IDE and they should be updated when the patch is run.

What I have found is that they are NOT updated when a patch is run silently except for the product version property. All the other information (support conact, phone, etc.) are not updated only when the patch is run silently.

After searching the forums for an answer and not finding a clear answer, someone had suggested forcing the properties via direct MSI calls in script. I did that and it worked so I moved on. Like most installshield bugs (especially with older unsupported versons) once a work-around is found - move on to the next problem.

If you find a better way - let me know... but its not a big deal for me becuase I make extensive use of custom InstallScript code anyway and 5-6 additional lines of code is nothing. I put in OnBegin(), but OnPatchUIBefore() probably would work also.

I suspect the ALLUSERS propety has something to do with the problem but never followed thorugh on it - too many other fishes to fry.


MsiSetProperty(ISMSI_HANDLE, "ALLUSERS","1");



04-11-2006, 07:10 PM
I am unclear what a Patch Design patch is supposed to look like in Add/Remove. Should it a completely separate entity listed there? I suppose so as I should be able to uninstall the patch without uninstalling the full package.

My experience Installshield 11 Premier Windows Installer 3.1 remains that Add/Remove is not updated at all during the installation of a Patch Design patch. There is no independent listing, nor is there any update to the full . This seems to be a rather significant bug.

I have been told before that this is a Windows Installer problem that will be fixed someday. Does anyone know the status on this now?


04-12-2006, 08:47 AM
Patches only show up on XP SP2 and Win2k3 SP1, unless you build your own ARP entry. To make them show up, when you open the ARP, there should be a check box at the top "Show Updates". If that isn't checked, you won't see your patches.

I put more info in this thread