View Full Version : UI display with IS 11 Installscript + Merge module

07-05-2005, 09:18 AM

What we trying to do is create a small front-end program that calls setup.exe, waits until it's finished and afterwards returns to that fron-end program again.

Now, this works ok.. Only one annoying thing. When we don't include the Crystal reports merge module, all is ok. But when we do include it, the dialog from the installer at the end tells we're finished, but it looks like a while lot of work still has to be done... Only after about 15-20 seconds with no dialog at all it will return to the calling program. I want my setup to display something like ' busy installing 3rd party software' , whatever. Now it's not cleat what the setup is doing at all. Enabling the OnEnd in my script doesn't help either.

Any ideas?