View Full Version : WindowsFolder property in InstallScript Project

07-05-2005, 04:26 AM
I am using InstallShield 10.5. I have a InstallScript Project.

I want to delete few files under Windows\Prefetch folder during uninstallation.Prefetch folder is present in Windows XP and 2003. Hence I am trying to use WindowsFolder property to know the path of the WindowsFolder in my installscript project.But when I am compile it, I get a error saying that 'WindowsFolder' in undeclared identifier. Hence I want to ask can we use "windowsfolder' property in InstallScript project? If yes, what settings need to done?

If no, then please suggest an alternative to determine the path of "Windows" folder.


07-05-2005, 08:18 AM
The InstallScript WINDIR variable is the equivalent to the MSI WindowsFolder property.

Similarly, WINSYSDIR=SystemFolder, PROGRAMFILES=ProgramFilesFolder, COMMONFILES=CommonFilesFolder, and so forth. The InstallScript Language Reference topic "System Variables" lists more of them.