View Full Version : 32/64 Registry entries and reflection

06-27-2005, 02:04 PM
Our MSI installer installs several Java applications and can be run with both a 32- and 64-bit JRE. On 64-bit platforms, both versions of the JRE are installed by our installer.

The installer is a 32-bit installer that handles both 32 and 64-bit platforms. Except for the JRE, all other components are both 32- and 64- bit elements.

InstallShield is writing the entries to HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node on 64-bit platforms. Is there a flag I can set that tells the Installer to place this key in HKLM\SOFTWARE instead? (We would prefer not have to maintain two copies of each otherwise identical component, one with the '64-bit' flag set and one without.)

Also, is it possible to enable 'registry reflection' (corresponding to calling RegEnableReflectionKey in the Windows API) on any keys we create?

We are using InstallShield X, but I'm told that upgrading to InstallShield 11 may be an option.

Thank you,

John Elion