View Full Version : No of Activations not decreasing on Uninstall

06-22-2005, 11:41 PM
I am trying out the Activation Service and having some strange behaviour.

I have created my self a license key and set the number of activations to 1. I run the setup and successfully activated my product using an assigned serial number for that key, all works beautifully..

I then uninstall the product on that machine which should according to the documentation deactivate the product and increase the number of activations remaining for the serial number, in this case it should go from 0 back to 1. I then move to a new machine and install my app, run the application and enter the same serial number, this is where my problem occurs, it says that "The serial number that you have entered cannot be activated. It has been used more times than allowed".

I have read in the best practices guide and checklist that uninstalling the app should increase the number of activations remaining but in my case it's not doing it? No matter what I do I can only install the application on one machine.

Also, not sure if this is by design but when I uninstall on the first machine and then re-install it does not ask me for a license key again, I can run the program without any activation.

Can anyone help me with this problem?

Thanks, Rick

06-23-2005, 12:17 AM
Additional Info:

I created another test project with a new key and did the same as above, this time the Deactivation Dialog came up and I could see it deactivating (didn't know it did this until i created this project).

The difference between the two projects is the one that didn't work Trailware file was a .ocx and the one that did was a .exe..

Hmm.. Anyone experienced similar issues or know why this might be happening? Is there some setting that tells the uninstall to deactivate product?

Ta, Rick

After further testing it definetly looks like that when you create the trialware key based on a .ocx or .dll the deactivation does not happen. I added a .dll to my second project that did work and based the key on that dll and now there is no dialog for deactivation with the Activation web site and count stays the same. This looks like a bug to me...