View Full Version : Install a new App with a different ProductCode programmatically

06-22-2005, 02:07 PM
We have a Setup that installs mutiple apps (using shared files). Presently, upon installation of a subsequent app, the setup will call the MaintenanceType dialog...which will then contain a list of alternate apps to install (or repair/remove).

I would like to programmatically change the ProductCode, UpgradeCode, and PackageCode...at the time of the app-to-install selection from within the MaintenanceType dialog...will this work, at this point?

I have attempted to change these Properties from within the Setup.ini...without success (A dialog pops, stating; 'the application version is the same...' or something like that).

The ultimate goal is the enable the Add/Remove Programs (ARP) to display all of the apps installed. Presently it only displays the first App installed...I assume because of the codes mentioned above.

Am I on the wrong track...or is this the right way of doing things?