View Full Version : Indirect dependencies problem

06-20-2005, 03:47 AM
When I create an installer for a C# project, IS packages the project output, every DLL (output from other projects) that the project is depending on, but it doesn't include some DLLs that the library projects need.

It seams there are three types of library references that cause errors:
1) Managed C++ Libraries: IS states it can't find the library: "warning -6248: Could not find dependent file ..., or one of its dependencies of component ..."
2) File References : same as above
3) Unmanaged C++ Libraries: IS doesn't seem to know this file is needed. It is not in the release image, and there are no messages it should be...

however, c# libs get installed as expected...
I've included a reproducation sample VS Solution for 1).

My current workaround is to include every dll in the output directory.
Does anyone know a better way?