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06-17-2005, 11:07 AM
hello all,
I amjust about complete an install for a HUGE application for my comapny but i need help on a few minor things:

1 - I have entered in a few registry entries for SQL server (MSDE)...I wouuld like to start this program up and i know how to create a custom action which launches an executable but i am not sure on the command line. SQL Service Manager is located on the start up folder and i am using the command: [StartupFolder]/sqlmangr.exe
maybe theres a better one to use to launch this application

2 - Once SQL service manager is oepned i need to run an application that will convert a jet database to msde...i have created the proper odbc server through teh registry in the install amd i am wondering when i can run this application due to the fact that i need rgeistry entries to be written into the system. Currently i have it running after the WriteRegistryValues custom actiona nd maybe it should go later.

thanks in advance