View Full Version : Standalone builds can't resolve .NET output

06-16-2005, 05:04 PM
Hi there,

I'm trying to build a Windows Installer project from command line using the standalone package.

My Visual Studio solution has one C# Windows Forms project (WindowsApplication1) and one IS project (Setup1) with the output from WindowsApplication1.

I'm running the following command after the exe for the C# project has been created.

C:\Solution1>"C:\Program Files\Installshield 11 StandaloneBuild\issabld" -p Setup1\Setup1.ism -x -w -r "Release" -v

However, this throws an error:

ISDEV : error -6302: InstallShield Developer could not resolve Visual Studio .NET project output "WindowsApplication1.Primary output" from component "WindowsApplication1.Primary_output". You need to build the project in Visual Studio .NET or by using the Visual Studio .NET command line: devenv /build ConfigName [/project ProjName] [/projectconfig ConfigName] SolutionName.

The exe is located under C:\Solution1\WindowsApplication1\bin\Release, however InstallShield doesn't see it. Is there anything I'm missing in the command line?

Note that I can build the Setup1 project w/o problems within Visual Studio .NEt 2003, just not from command line.