View Full Version : Setting the Progress Text from within a Merge Module

06-16-2005, 12:10 PM

I am trying to set the text of the Progress bar from within a Merge Module. I know that this is possible, because some of the Merge Modules that I use do it (Jet40.msm for example). Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this behavior in a Merge Module that I write. The Jet40 module uses the ActionText table to define the progress text associated with the actions, but I cannot figure out what/where the ActionText table is actually used.

I have tried creating an InstallScript Merge Module and defining a Custom Action that uses the SetStatusWindow function, but I cannot get the progress text to change.

The reason that I would like to set this progress text is that I have a Merge Module that installs WMI on win9x and NT4 machines. I would like to perform this installation silently, but when I set the silent command line switch, InstallShield displays the "Generating script ..." message for the entire time that the WMI Installation takes place (which is a very long time). To the end user, it appears that the installation has locked up.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.