View Full Version : Per-User Installs

06-15-2005, 07:51 AM
I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around per-user installs.

I saw this thread:

In which Chris Painter says:

You would hope that no one would ever create an install that installs outside of the user profile for a per-user installation but ohwell.

Does that mean that in 'per-user' mode my install should default install to someplace under c:\documents and settings\[LogonUser] ?

My setup also installs a printer driver which is uninstalled along with the app, but this is a system wide driver, so if two per-user installations have been done, and then 1 user uninstalls the driver is missing for the other user.

Also, if two users install per-user should the absolutely not install to the same directory? (if one then uninstalls all my program files are removed, and will have to be restored when the user that didn't uninstall tries to run the application again).

It seems like what 'per-user' means isn't well documented, and/or i'm just not getting it, is there any good documentation on what changes when a user selects a per-user install vs. a per-machine? I've looked at the help within installshield and it's not really too informative

Our install has a condition of Privledged (there are keys that MUST be created within HKLM), should i just remove the option for per-user?