View Full Version : Cannot open VS.Net solution with 2 IS projects

06-10-2005, 06:09 AM
I don't know whether this is because I am using an evaluation copy of InstallShield11 but it is not possible to load a VS.Net solution that contains 2 InstallShield 11 projects. Here's what I did:

Software: Windows XP SP2, Visual Studio.Net 2003, InstallShield 11 (Evaluation copy)

1. Create a new VS.Net solution.
2. Add 2 Windows form VB.Net projects. These are dummy projects that contain only a Windows form with one button.
3. Add a basic MSI IS project. Then I add the primary output from Windows project 1 to this project.

Up to this point I don't have a problem closing/reloading the VS.Net solution.

4. Then I add a second basic MSI IS project. This project contains the primary output from Windows project 2.
5. Save and close the solution.

When I try to open the solution again, it will go forever with an hourglass showing. I have to use Task Manager to kill VS.Net. Any idea?