View Full Version : Virtual Directories not creating Web Share

06-08-2005, 06:11 PM
We had an install in DevStudio 9 that had multiple Virtual Directories that were created during the install. When the directories where created they also were automatically web shared. (Can be viewed through Win Explorer --> Properties --> Sharing --> WebSharing) We have recently upgraded to Installshield 11 and now notice that the virtual directories are still created but the web sharing is not populated. Does anyone know if this is a new feature or simply a bug in IS11?? Is there a workaround, etc.... It is extremely important that the web sharing takes place as well.

It has caused us great headaches over the past three days and Installshield wants to charge us $699 to even look at the question. We finally have rolled back to DevStudio 9 and are going to stay there until we find the answer.