View Full Version : How to burn several learning courses CDs, with 200 MB each on 1 DVD

06-06-2005, 07:41 AM
How to burn several learning courses on CDs with 200M MB each on a single DVD (or bigger CD), and make them work?

Hi there,

I have several images (or normal) training course, and want to build a common auto-run- for them, which make their setup work when you press on the button on the auto-run program...

Is it possible using DemoShield ?

I tried other products to build the auto run, but after the setup start and I press on a CD button, give me the message:

“xxx cd is currently not in CD the CD-ROM tray. Please insert it and then click OK.”

Any idea how to handle this? (it looks that the program is checking for the CD label or has some form of copy protection!)

Actually I saw a product that solved the problem using DemoShield 7.5, I am just looking for tutorial or help on how to do the same!!

Thanks for help