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Josh Nichols
06-03-2005, 09:39 AM
Hi all,
I downloaded a website for the users of my Demo to browse offline. It works great because I know that exact path it is stored on my computer. But I need to know a way to make this work for anyone who uses it. Is there a way to read which drive they are running the cd from, or to install a folder on their computer so it can work properly? Any help is appreciated. Thanks a bunch.


06-03-2005, 10:29 AM
I don't know if there's any way to determine what drive the CD is being run from; I suspect not. However, that doesn't mean you're out of luck. :)

I gather you're thinking about including the various Web pages in their original structure on your CD. If so, you can do this without knowing the specific drive being used to run the CD. Instead, use View Internet URL actions with DemoShield tokens to point to relative locations on the CD.

The <path> token can be used to specify locations relative to the location from which DEMO32.EXE is being run off the CD.

For example, let me paste in the relevant section of DemoShield's DemoShield Tokens Help topic:

If you are launching an application located in the same folder as the DemoShield player, you would type in something similar like this:


The <path> token is the location where the DemoShield Player is running. The DemoShield player uses the following folder structure:











Use the following Launch Application Strings to launch the above files:

For File1.EXE: <path>file1.EXE<path>

For File2.EXE: <path>folder2\file2.EXE<path>

For File3.EXE: <path>..\folder3\file3.EXE<path>

The same format should be used for using View Internet URL Actions to view HTML pages stored locally on a CD. For example, the View Internet URL string should be used to view homepage.htm from the above example would be:


For these examples to work, it is critical that the DemoShield player (DEMO32.EXE) is launched from bin\DEMO32.EXE. When testing these types of Actions, it is best to setup a test folder that emulates the structure of your distribution medium, and running the DemoShield player from that structure. Do not use the Play Current Demo option from the DemoShield Designer when testing Launch Application Actions, View Internet URL Actions, or Launch Demo Actions. This is not desirable as the DemoShield Player will be launched from its installed location, and not in the structure you have setup. All <path> tokens will point to the wrong location.

There's a lot more info that may be of use to you in that topic, too, so check it out. It is, conveniently enough, the very first topic in the Help index (at least in 7.53 it was)--<cd> tokens .

Good luck. :)