View Full Version : disable radiobuttons

06-02-2005, 08:39 AM
We have a requirement where specific applications may be included within our setup...INI driven. For example; if the setup.ini file contains a value: MyOtherApp, then on a ProductSelection dialog, a radiobutton should dynamically exist for this value.

Apparently radiobuttons do not contain the visible or enabled properties (Windows Installer)...only the radiobutton Goup does. How does one dynamically enable/disable (or make visible) radiobutton controls?

If this was a VC/VB/.net project, within Visual Studio, I would dynamically create the radiobutton control on-demand, and adjust the X/Y coordinates accordingly...or make visible an existing control. I suppose this could be done with a Windows Installer project, by manipulating the 'Control' table...

Any ideas? I would really need to make a Windows Installer setup more dynamic.