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06-01-2005, 05:38 PM
I'm evaluating IS11p. I have a Install Script / MSI project.

I want to have my installation check the version of SQL Server.
If the version is:
OLD - exit install and display a message to upgrade SQL Server
NOT INSTALLED - call Setup externally with command line params like this...

SETUP /i SQL2000.msi SAPWD="drowssap" SECURITYMODE=SQL /qb

I would think that there would be a predefined custom action or system variable that I could use to determine this; but, I'm a bit lost now. Could someone explain how this could be accomplished? Would it be a custom action? Would I have to write my own DLL to determine the SQL version?

BTW: I don't trust MSDE Merge Modules/Prereq/objects. I want to do it this way because I know it works. I'll be doing the same thing with .NET Framework v1.1. Then I don't have to include these files within my installation (I'll put it on the CD and call it if needed) or if testers are downloading the install then it isn't 40 Meg more because of .NET and MSDE and MSDE Upgrades, etc)


06-06-2005, 07:23 AM
You would do a system search for the reg key that holds the SQL version...forget exactly which reg key but there is an article on MSDN about it.