View Full Version : VS.NET compile does not give detailed errors?

06-01-2005, 12:29 AM

I am using VS.NET to do my development and I am coming up with a problem when it comes to compile errors.

When I do a compile in VS.NET the errors listed in the Task List basically always come up as "Double click here to see more information on error: -4370 -4370: There were errors compiling InstallScript". I never actually get told what the error is and when I double click on the error it takes me to the Install Shield KB.

Although when I do a compile in the InstallShield IDE I get the same list of erros but this time with detailed information on what the actual error is, this then enables me to fix the error easily.

Is this a know problem using VS.NET or is there anyway to fix it? This problem is extremely painful if I can't find the error in VS.NET as I have to continually open it in the IS IDE.

Thanks, Rick