View Full Version : Install Shield hanging?

05-30-2005, 08:40 AM
I was trying to install a Nokia product ("PC Suite for Nokia 6600") and have a problem with the InstallShield.

When I tried to install the Nokia PC Suite for the 6600, the installer asks the basic questions about configuring the installation and then when you click 'Next', it minimizes and just hangs. I have to use the Task manager to kill off the process.

Has anyone seen this?
Does anyone have a solution?

I have tried everything I can think of, including disabling all security features, turning off the WinXP firewall and stopping all AntiVirus s/w.

My environment:
Dell Latitude Laptop
256M Ram
40G drive with ~17G free
WinXp SP2

After determining that Nokia had used InstallShield, I did some digging on www.installshield.com and found that there are a number of command parameters that can be supplied to an InstallShield file. I could get the installshield to generate a log by using command switches to force the installation to run silently. The log indicated that the install seemed to be complaining about a missing log file. Not much help there. I then found an "Extract_All" command switch which causes the InstallShield file to unpack itself, but not execute the install. Once I had unpacked the install, I found that I could kick of the actual Nokia installation directly by invoking the internal setup.exe. To my surprise, the installation ran and completed!

I'm still not sure what was tripping'InstallShield' up. I'm pasting the log contents here (it was pretty short).

[InstallShield Silent]
File=Log File

Anyway, I now have the product installed, which is the main thing, but I am very curious as to what was causing installShield so much grief.