View Full Version : Installing MSM NT Service with InstallScript doesn't install service

Ron Petty
05-24-2005, 02:32 PM
Hello everyone,
I created a MSM containing a NT service component (just a exe that I wrote). I did the following to create the MSM (using InstallShield 11 MSM project).

1) Create new MSM project
2) Add component (file.exe)
3) Open the "Components" tree to see my component
4) Open "Advanced Settings" and click on Install NT Services
5) Under NT Services I add a new service with my file name
6) I edit the Display Name, Description, etc.. Arguments
7) Build

It doesn't give me the option to test this MSM in InstallShield (I assume because you have to combine a MSM with an MSI, never done that before).

Then I add this MSM to the "Application Data (Objects/Merge Modules)"
cp ./file.MSM C:\Program Files\InstallShield 11\Modules\i386\file.MSM

*restart InstallShield

I then create another project, an InstallScript project and do the following.

1) Under the "Installation Designer" I drag the new MSM to the feature.
2) I rebuild the InstallScript project.
3) I launch the installer, and see my features (including the one with that has this MSM)
4) The installation gives me no errors.
5) I looked for the service, it is not installed, the files in the MSM are placed in my installation directory with the rest of the install.

I doubt there is a bug, but I am not sure what is missing. I built a MSI project and used the wizard for the services aspect of a compnent and that worked just fine. Should I try making an MSI instead of a MSM and include that as a component?

Thanks for the advice.