View Full Version : Custom Dialog Problem

05-24-2005, 02:18 PM
One reason we upgraded to 11 was so we could easily customize the install dialogs to accommodate our OEM partners. Everything is fine and dandy until we uninstall a previous install that was upgraded using the new installation. :confused: That sounds confusing so here is the flow:

IS 7 install using standard dialogs.

IS 11 upgrade install (upgrades customers current product) using custom dialogs.

Uninstall the product.

The dialog(s) during the uninstall are messed up with elements from BOTH dialog styles. The dialog size is standard and it shows all bitmaps from both styles and uses colors from the custom dialogs; it makes for an intersting 'Frankenstein' look. I would assume that it would use one inx or the other, not both.
Is there any advice on how to remedy this, or will it need to be escallated as a bug?